Do you add labels to your sewing?

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When do you decide it is time to add labels to your sewing projects? Do you add labels at all? I guess it very much depends on what you are making and what you are doing with what you make. As I have been making more and more commissioned pieces I felt the need to […]


Sew long 2017 – Welcome 2018

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Sew 2017 has all but come to an end and wow, another amazing sewing year it has been. I will admit that this year has seen me blog far less than I intended (and promised last year!) The trouble is that there are too many things to make and never enough time. This year has […]


Lets talk about Tracing Paper

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There comes a time in everyones sewing adventures when things get a little more complex, usually starting with the patterns you are using. As you become more proficient at sewing you will experiment more and probably one of the first things you will do is alter a commercial pattern. This might mean a simple size […]

Sew busy, no blogging just sewing!

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Wow where has the time gone? I have completely missed September and October! My last post was way back at the end of August, yes August! Well I’m back to make amends and to post about my latest sewing adventures. Sewing September So during August we moved house (actually, only next door!) and you know […]


Creating the perfect Collar point

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So as you know I make a lot of shirts, Jackets, coats etc. etc and one of the biggest problems is getting a good point. By that, I mean a point on the collar or the notch in a lapel. Well here is a little video that might help. Until next time……Happy Sewing!