January 2015

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Although the last few weeks have been busy after the birth of my son I have managed to grab a little time in the sewing room to finish another shirt using the Burda pattern 7045 and a nice floral print poplin I mentioned in my last post. I didn’t alter the pattern in any way except for the sleeve plackets. I have found a pretty fool-proof way of making them and always find patterns over-complicate theRead More →

Exciting news! In the early hours of Wednesday our first son Harry arrived, weighing in at 9lb 6oz! He is doing well but will be in hospital for a few more days whilst he gets used to feeding. Mum is doing well, although wants to come home with him. So I’ve been doing lots of travelling to the hospital and catching up on sleep. Last night I was at a bit of a loose end, withRead More →

Ok, I have been asked about doing some tutorials. I have wanted to do some and the most asked is about pockets. Pockets for most who sew can seem really daunting. I admit when I made my wedding waistcoats I didn’t add pockets because I didn’t understand the instructions. I Googled it but still was not sure, hence no pockets! I’m not going to cover everything I am sure but for anyone who sews menswear pockets feature inRead More →

Well I have just finished my coat. I am a happy man. The idea behind this project was to see if I could make something I wanted rather than from a pattern I like. I don’t think I’m yet ready to draft my own patterns from scratch but decided to do as many seamstresses and tailors do….use a pattern that works as a ‘block’ and adapt it. The pattern wasn’t just changed for fit but to createRead More →

Coat progress has gone well today. I set in the sleeves which unusually went without a snag. I normally pin one wrong or upside down or inside out etc but they went in a dream. Wool has a forgiving nature and allows for a bit of movement. Alas it was going well until I realised I didn’t have enough buttons for the sleeve tabs. After much Googling I decided a trip to the (not soRead More →

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