Coat update

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Well after the idiot mistake the other day with the pocket here, progress has been more to my liking. I have put the concealed button in the vent and made a shoulder yoke. This did take some time as it was tricky to get a flat piece of material to fit comfortably around shoulders and […]

A New Coat…Big mistake but coming along…..

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Well the new coat is coming along nicely…well it was until I made a really stupid error! I decided to forego the simple, and put proper jetted pockets. I even took loads of photos to show you how I do it. All was going well until I cut though the fronts for the pocket hole. […]

New coat part 2…..

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So how is my new coat coming along? Well after looking at the Burda pattern I referred to in my last post I made my own pattern pieces and I have cut out most of the pieces. I basted the fronts and back to check fit – looking OK so far. The back seam and vent […]

A New, old book and a new challenge….

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I bought a new book yesterday, well old new, from the local antique book shop. Had a good read last night and now have set myself a new challenge. The book….. A while back I made a jacket from the Burda 6993 pattern and was quite pleased with the result (see pic) but I really want […]

Gadget/tablet holder sew-along

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Firstly this design is not mine. I have seen many variations of this online so I made one for a Christmas present and thought I would share what I did. Also my sister-in-law wanted me to put this up as she wants to make one! This is a really easy project and should take no more […]