February 2015

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So a while back I started a vintage jacket make from the late 50’s from a pattern I picked up on eBay. Vogue 9445, size 40. Read part 1 here and part 2. Today I finished it and am very happy. I chose a nice black pin corduroy, silver lining for the body and red lining for the sleeves. Silver plain metal buttons (with a gold one for the left sleeve, as per my normal trademark).Read More →

So having, as usual, plenty of fabric left from my previous make, I thought it was time to make something for our, now 1 month old, son Harry. Being denim it had to be some dungarees and here is the finished item. I made up a pattern and cut the fabric. Front and back centre seamed and topstitched. I was kindly given some denim with embroidered teddy bears so thought that would make a niceRead More →

Well I have taken a short rest from my vintage jacket: It is coming along nicely with collar finished and lining now going in and I even made inside pockets! However I felt a rest was needed so made some jeans. Why? Well if you know anything about being pregnant you will know that, unfortunately, your figure does not instantly return to its pre-pregnancy shape and size. One month on from the birth of Harry myRead More →

A quick update on the vintage Jacket I am making. Progress has gone well. The sleeves have been set-in and padding made for sleeves and shoulders as per the pattern. I have attached the interfacing (canvas woven) and done a lot of hand-stitching. I said in my last post I could see lots of hand stitching, well I was right but well wort it. I haven’t done pad stitching for years but have done a lot onRead More →

Well in my last post i mentioned starting a late 1950’s pattern for a regulation sports jacket and I have made a start.  Wow! what a difference. Firstly the pattern is not printed but cut and punched with holes to represent different things.  Secondly the instructions are beautiful, not only in looks but quality. I had to read a few steps many times but then it became very clear what to do. The illustrations areRead More →