Jeans for mum

Well I have taken a short rest from my vintage jacket: It is coming along nicely with collar finished and lining now going in and I even made inside pockets! However I felt a rest was needed so made some jeans. Why? Well if you know anything about being pregnant you will know that, unfortunately, your figure does not instantly return to its pre-pregnancy shape and size.
One month on from the birth of Harry my wife was not happy with her jean selection as her old ones were a little tight and uncomfortable and her maternity jeans look a little silly. So I made her some that should fit in the interim. I used the Burda 7050 pattern and adjusted for fit. I purchased some nice denim with a slight stretch.
Everything went together nicely with rivets and zip fly. Top-stitched in orange.

Finished but need hemming.

Front and rear details

Altogether a nice make and quite quick. Now as usual I have material left so time to make some dungarees for our Son…….Watch this space


  1. I'm loving your gorgeous blog! Congratulations on the birth of Harry, the cap you made him must be one of the most adorable makes EVER!

    1. Author

      Thanks Josie. Yes I enjoyed the cap but now making some dungarees. So cute too!

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