May 2015

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So on to the final steps in the great Summer Linen Jacket make. The lining….I always seem to forget that when you make a lined garment you essentially end up making it twice: Once for the outside and once for the inside! Anyway I’m not going to bore you with every step as if you have followed me this far the lining is pretty easy. Cut all pieces and assemble as you did when makingRead More →

So part 3 of my Linen Jacket sew-along and we move onto the collar/lapels and sleeves. All three are enough to put fear into anyone who sews. I look back at my first jacket and wince when I see a wonky collar; notched lapels where the notches were different shapes and sizes and sleeves with more puckers and creases than a dried prune. Now, I enjoy the challenge and hopefully can show you my process.Read More →

I must apologise…I should be posting the continuation to my linen jacket tutorial I started. I had to put that on hold for a while as I have been making more shirts…Yes thats right, more shirts! OK, I confess the shirts aren’t for me but a friend who is getting married next week. He wanted a special shirt for himself and his two sons (aged 7 and 8). So a visit to the fabric shop yielded someRead More →

Following on from my last post it is time to make the jacket front for my Linen summer jacket.  Sadly the summer sunshine seems to have vanished! I guess it will return?  There are 2 front pattern pieces and 2 side pieces plus 2 pockets to make in this walkthrough.  Now on most jackets you place darts in the fronts, then slash the fronts for the pockets- the slash cutting through the dart you made –Read More →