June 2015

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As you know if you read my blog I make clothes, clothes and more clothes: Jackets, coats, shirts you name it. However I have made something different. A range of educational toys for children.  It consists of 7 different fabric panels (filled with 3mm foam board) and a variety of clothing fasteners. A large zipper (opening), Velcro, Poppers, Small Zipper, Large Button, Small Button and Lace up. Each one is 8×11 inches and made using brightRead More →

So my last post I told you about my wonderful fashion idea! Yes the Tweedaree. Well to be honest I’ve not done a lot about it as I have been busy with other things. I did draft some ideas of what I want them to look like. Imagine a waistcoat/trouser all-in-one. I did buy some material for my first iteration – OK it’s not tweed but a lovely woven cotton,linen,silk blend. It has a gorgeousRead More →

OK every now and again I have an idea, this has to be my best yet! Today I was chatting to a colleague at work and she asked me how my sewing was going; as you know if you read my blog, I love tailoring and Tweed, so I mentioned to her about my idea. Tweedarees! Yep Tweed Dungarees!  My idea is a little better than just Dungarees made of Tweed though: I’m thinking fully tailored,Read More →