August 2015

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After the huge success of my tailored shirt step-by-step tutorial, here as promised, is my Neapolitan Jacket tutorial. This post will not be 20 steps unlike the shirt but considerably longer and will feature a lot of photos!  This is what you are hoping to achieve if you follow the tutorial. A soft Neapolitan style jacket as discussed in my earlier post here. I wish you the best of luck with your Jacket make. PleaseRead More →

So several posts ago I said I was making a Neapolitan style jacket for myself. You know those beautiful Italian jackets from Naples. Well, finally I have finished my jacket. Yes it has taken longer than usual but I have been busy with other makes such as a wedding dress, blouses for Lu from the Love Sewing Magazine, makes for the Minerva Craft Bloggers Network and the (tutorial) shirt for the book I’m writing (Don’t forgetRead More →

It feels like an absolute age since I last posted but I can assure you it is not from my laziness! So many things have happened – nearly all of them to do with my sewing. Where shall I start?….. First off, I am writing a book! Yes you read that correctly a book. Well many of you will have seen/read my tutorial on how to sew a shirt in 20 steps (in fact IRead More →