September 2015

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Just a quick post to show you my latest make. The New Look dress pattern #6145 (I think I got this free with a sewing mag?!) Anyway Lu, my wife, will be going back to work soon after her maternity leave and now it is time to make her some clothes to wear. Remember a post or so ago I said we went to the local fabric shop and she bought a load of fabric? Well thisRead More →

If you have read any of my posts you will know I love making shirts and jackets. Tailored jackets give me a lot of satisfaction. I enjoy the amount of work involved including the large amount of hand sewing that is required for a decent tailored jacket. Up until now though, most of the jackets I have made, have (selfishly) been for myself. So it’s time to make a jacket for someone else….that someone being myRead More →

OK first and foremost this post is not a review of a pattern and certainly not a moan about one! Every month I get a copy of Love Sewing magazine and there is always a great free pattern included. (By free pattern I mean a proper pattern, in envelope etc.) made by SimpleSewPatterns and have always been fantastic: I know as I have made lots of them!  As always, this months Love sewing came throughRead More →

Well how exciting! Male Devon Sewing has won something! it might not be the Lottery or a years supply of chocolate but something much more special….. I came home today after doing a bit of shopping and behind the door was this months copy of Love Sewing magazine (If you don’t yet subscribe then hurry up and do so!). As I always do, I opened it up to see what free pattern was included; a lovelyRead More →

In my last post Hattie and her Mum Sophie came over to try on their new dresses I had made, ready for an upcoming wedding. Well here is Sophie in her lovely 60’s style Shift dress in electric blue satin with an Ivory lace, flower patterned, tulle over-dress and ivory silk bound arms. Again this was from another New Look pattern, number K6145 I had in my vast pattern stash. Sophie wanted the armless versionRead More →

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