October 2015

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Yep this is the end…..Last Friday was my last day at work; I am no longer a teacher but officially a stay-at-home-Dad or House-Husband if you prefer! Lu, my wife, is returning to work after her 9 months maternity leave and we have decided that I will take over duties at home and look after our son Harry.  Harry was born with bilateral, moderate, Deafness and has been wearing Hearing Aids since he was 6 weeks old!Read More →

A little blog update really. Couture. What does it really mean? We talk about couture clothing and think of beautiful creations I am sure, but is it just a posh word? I sew at home, I love sewing and make a lot of clothes. I have many, many books about sewing and fashion, many of them include the word ‘couture’. It is very posh, very special…..or so it seems. Couture, literally means ‘sewing’ in French. Well surely thats whatRead More →

A while go i got a mixed bundle of sewing patterns (from a well known auction website) and yesterday I had a proper look through. Of the 25 patterns, most of the were ladies but 3 were for men. 2 Shirt patterns and a pyjama pattern. One pattern caught my eye and that was a very 1980s shirt Retro I call it! I don’t have the original packet but here is the picture on theRead More →