November 2015

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So yesterday my wife Lu mentioned she would like a new skirt for work. She promptly showed me one she bought many years ago. A simple stretch fabric with elasticated waist and no zip.  This got me thinking as I had some lovely black 2-way stretch left over from my last project so I duly studied the shop bought skirt: 2 pieces of identical material for front and back with a piece of elastic encased around theRead More →

It feels like an age since my last post but things have been a little busy (OK not really an excuse!) and this post isn’t that long. I have managed to sew nearly as much as I normally do but have spent a bit more time planning different makes, writing an article for a certain magazine (details in due course) and making something for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network (due next month). Yesterday’s make wasRead More →

So a few months ago I picked up some beautiful blue Welsh Wool from a popular Internet Auction site. £15 lighter I received just over 3m of the stuff. A Very nice blue with golden/green flecks. I wasn’t sure what to make but then decided on another jacket! Apparently ‘Blue’ is in fashion and I’ve never worn blue. Now initially I started drafting a pattern for myself. I wanted casual-smart with peaked lapels, then I remembered IRead More →

My second blog for the Minerva Craft Bloggers Network went live today. A lovely dress for my wife Lu and ready for the festive season coming soon. Sneak peek but click here for the full writeup. Now I’ve been making progress with my Welsh Wool jacket; sleeves are in and I’ve handworked the buttonholes but I have a dilemma…. I bought some buttons before I started the make. Lovely wooden ones similar to the styleRead More →

Well in my last post I discussed how I am now a stay at home dad…..well I’ve managed the first full week! Yes it has been hard there is no denying but I’ve loved it. I’m not going to be boring and tell you what I did but needless to say it involved plenty of work! If you stay at home and look after a little one you know how much work it is! NowRead More →