December 2015

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So it has been a whole year! I started this blog as a means of documenting my sewing and the things I have made. I am sure this is how many blogs start and I have to be honest, I never really thought I would keep on blogging. Well I have and this is a round-up of the year.  I have posted 52 posts this year concentrating on my sewing and throwing in a fewRead More →

I thought I would post a quick blog update before the festive season gets into full swing this week. With only 2 days to go before Christmas I am sure you have all been busy getting ready? I know we have. Making the odd present or two and getting things in order but I’ve still been sewing, although a little less than normal and wanted to share the following makes before we get swept upRead More →

OK this is a quick post really to show a couple of people on Twitter how I do my ‘cheats’ button holes. I was having a chat with @almondrock_sews and @housofpinheiro about how I do my button holes without wasting time so here we go! We all love hand sewn button holes, they are beautiful and crafted with skill and love. The problem is they take time….For a professional Seamstress or Tailor they still takeRead More →

OK a quick tutorial for you all. I posted a poll on Twitter and this is what you chose. A lined patch pocket. I know, sounds easy and yes it is but if you’ve not done one before then I hope this helps. A patch pocket is exactly what it says, a patch of fabric sewn onto the garment forming a pocket. Think of your jeans: patch pocket on the back yes? Well when you startRead More →

So over the last 40 years of sewing I have used a lot of scissors: From the cheap ones to the more expensive ones. Many have become ‘less than scissors’ and many have broken or got lost. Well I want to share a secret! I have found the scissors every dressmaker/tailor/seamstress or home sewist needs: Everyone thinks if you sew you must have a good sewing machine, well actually you need a good pair ofRead More →