Male Devon Sewing 2015. Review of the year.

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So it has been a whole year! I started this blog as a means of documenting my sewing and the things I have made. I am sure this is how many blogs start and I have to be honest, I never really thought I would keep on blogging. Well I have and this is a […]

2015 nearly over. Last bit of sewing before Christmas

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I thought I would post a quick blog update before the festive season gets into full swing this week. With only 2 days to go before Christmas I am sure you have all been busy getting ready? I know we have. Making the odd present or two and getting things in order but I’ve still […]

Lovely button holes the ‘cheats’ way

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OK this is a quick post really to show a couple of people on Twitter how I do my ‘cheats’ button holes. I was having a chat with @almondrock_sews and @housofpinheiro about how I do my button holes without wasting time so here we go! We all love hand sewn button holes, they are beautiful […]

Lined Patch Pocket Tutorial

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OK a quick tutorial for you all. I posted a poll on Twitter and this is what you chose. A lined patch pocket. I know, sounds easy and yes it is but if you’ve not done one before then I hope this helps. A patch pocket is exactly what it says, a patch of fabric […]

Ernest Wright and Son 8″ Dressmakers Scissors review

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So over the last 40 years of sewing I have used a lot of scissors: From the cheap ones to the more expensive ones. Many have become ‘less than scissors’ and many have broken or got lost. Well I want to share a secret! I have found the scissors every dressmaker/tailor/seamstress or home sewist needs: […]