February 2016

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Hello again readers, so time for an update on the #Blazerof2016 make. In the last post I had finished the lapels and collar ready for the sleeves. The sleeves are a two part sleeve, with upper and under sleeve and have non opening cuffs. There are buttonholes and buttons for show! So cut your pieces and carefully mark the wrong sides. Remember with a 2 part sleeve they are ‘handed’ so one for the left andRead More →

If you have followed me this far with the #Blazerof2016 challenge you will know how things stand…If not look here (for the challenge), here (for part 1 of the make) and here (for the last update!) Last time the jacket was ready for the facings, upper-collar and lapels so here we go…. You should have a jacket with under-collar attached Next sew the front facings (RST) to the collar facing (If you are unsure as toRead More →

Hello again! Two posts in a week! Aren’t you lucky? Last time I showed you the basic construction of my #Blazerof2016 jacket. Namely cutting the fabric, a bit of iron-working and sewing the major components together. So I have now moved on to the ‘scary’ bit! The collar and lapels. Sewing a good collar in a jacket strikes fear into many…indeed I still dread this step on occasion. Actually it is not difficult, it just takes goodRead More →

Hello my loyal followers. In my last post I introduced you to the #Blazerof2016 challenge. Well I am pleased to see so many people taking up the challenge and having a go at sewing some menswear. If you haven’t yet plucked up courage to take part you still have plenty of time. Details are here. I have made a start with my #Blazerof2016 and after a lot of procrastination picked the fabric. A medium-weight cotton/woolRead More →