Exciting news and a free pattern.

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The trouble is with Blogging there are just too many things to Blog about and just not enough time! So trying to stick to my New Years resolution of Blogging more often here I go. Firstly I would like to say a huge thanks to all the comments and praise I have received for my #Blazerof2016 […]

My #Blazerof2016 is finished!

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Well there is one thing being so caught up with different sewing projects; not Blogging regularly! It only seems a day or two ago that I wrote my last post but it wasn’t: Sorry. I hope you are all still moving ahead nicely with your Blazer makes? Don’t worry if you’ve not yet started as there is […]

#Blazerof2016 shoulder pads and sleeve head

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Sorry for the delay in posting followers but I have been really busy! So here we go and the final touches to the sleeve head and shoulders for my #Blazerof2016 challenge…… So in the last post I had set in the sleeves and was ready for the shoulder pads.  Now of course you don’t need […]