July 2016

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So having rummaged through the lovely pile of fabric I was so kindly gifted, I stumbled upon a beautiful bold flower print by John Kaldor. I have tried to find the print online but can’t see it, so if anyone knows the name of the print please let me know. Pulling my go-to, Burda 7045 pattern out, I knocked up this shirt with a few modifications/detailing. I lengthened the fronts by 3 inches and thenRead More →

I can’t believe that it is already the 1st of July. Thats half of 2016 gone already and what a crazy six months it has been. (No I’m not talking about Brexit or any other politics related stuff here, just sewing!) I wrote a similar post this time last year here and wow how things have changed. So my blog has been going for 18 months and in that time it has gone from strengthRead More →