September 2016

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Have you ever sewn something that you really enjoyed? What I mean is, have you made something from start to finish and enjoyed every bit: No tricky bits, no mistakes, no difficult instructions…..A bit like a really good book; it draws you in, keeps you reading then you don’t want it to end.  Well that has just happened to me. It’s my sons fault, as the other week we were sat in bed and IRead More →

Well it has been a little while, due to many things happening but I can reveal my latest Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post. My first Wedding Outfit.Read More →

So following on from my last post on ‘workwear’ fashion I have been busy designing and making. So here I present to you my first iteration of the ‘Guild’ jacket. Based around the French Chore Jacket, or Bleu de Travail, I drafted this pattern to be a little more tailored whilst retaining the traditional look.  I kept distinctive large patch pockets with double row topstitching. I also kept the inside right pocket where the stitchingRead More →