January 2017

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Continuing the make of my home tailored 3 piece suit we move to finishing the front and creating the lapels. Read Part 1 and Part 2 if you need to get up to speed. We have two front jacket pieces (with pockets completed) and we have constructed the canvas interfacing for both. Now we must attach the canvas to each front before we can construct the lapels. If you have ever seen a tailored jacket, duringRead More →


A little break from the home tailored 3-piece suit and a quick post about the Zoe dress pattern from Simple Sew. The pattern came free with issue 1 of Sew Now magazine and my wife spotted its potential. Now to be honest, I don’t usually make many magazine patterns; don’t get me wrong but as a man, not many appeal to me! Occasionally my wife will spot a pattern and ask me to make it,Read More →

interfacing canvas shape

Following on from my last post, we have the suit fronts cut and the pockets assembled so it is time to think about interfacing the jacket. Anyone who sews will come across the term ‘interfacing’ at some point in their sewing adventures. Interfacing is, normally, some form of fabric that is either sewn or fused to the garment fabric. It can add stiffness, shape or structure to a garment but on a tailored jacket it isRead More →

tailored jacket post 1

Happy new year everyone and welcome to a truly tailored first post of 2017! I promised in my last post I would keep up to date with my blogging, so I will start with something conceived two months ago! Back in November I had the idea of sewing my own 3-piece suit. I suddenly realised that I don’t own a suit and, as you probably know, I love making jackets and blazers. So why not makeRead More →