March 2017

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Now I love social media, well sewing social media that is, as I am always amazed by what my fellow sewers are doing. I love seeing their makes and find it all too inspiring. Occasionally though I see something I really want to make: Or as in this case was challenged to make! A few weeks ago Lainey who writes acraftteacuppa blog mentioned me in an Instagram post. She shared a photo of a somewhat crazyRead More →


Following on from my last post, we can finish off the jacket. The lining is checked thoroughly on the inside of the jacket to ensure it has been attached correctly. A slip stitch is used to secure the lining in place using a suitable colour thread. The lining can optionally be pick-stitched, along the edge to give a nice finish inside. What colour thread to use? (I’ve still not decided!) Buttonholes The buttonholes in the sleeves haveRead More →