Following on from my last post, we can finish off the jacket. The lining is checked thoroughly on the inside of the jacket to ensure it has been attached correctly. A slip stitch is used to secure the lining in place using a suitable colour thread. The lining can optionally be pick-stitched, along the edge to give a nice finish inside. What colour thread to use? (I’ve still not decided!) Buttonholes The buttonholes in the sleeves haveRead More →


I left you last time with the lapels finished and half of the collar complete. Today we will finish the collar and move onto the sleeves. Upper Collar The under collar is finished and attached to the jacket as per the last post here. Now attention turns to the upper collar. Unlike many commercial patterns, the upper collar is attached by hand. It first might seem a more difficult method but in fact is easyRead More →


Before we can attach the collar we need to address the back. This will involve creating the vent or vents. I mentioned in the first post that I wanted a double vented jacket and drafted the pattern accordingly. Many jackets come with a single centre vent at the back (mostly due to the cost involved in making a double) but I find a double vent sits better. It allows you to put your hands inRead More →

fabric bundle

Someone famously once said, “You can never have enough fabric!’ (well I expect they did) and indeed this is true. If you sew, quilt or craft then fabric is a much needed requirement. We know that fabric isn’t cheap and no-one likes to waste it and having to buy more than you need for a project really annoys me. I recently wanted 0.25m for a project but had to buy 1m minimum. Many fabric storesRead More →


Continuing the make of my home tailored 3 piece suit we move to finishing the front and creating the lapels. Read Part 1 and Part 2 if you need to get up to speed. We have two front jacket pieces (with pockets completed) and we have constructed the canvas interfacing for both. Now we must attach the canvas to each front before we can construct the lapels. If you have ever seen a tailored jacket, duringRead More →

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