Bridal Alteration Techniques – Book Review

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There comes a time in every sewers journey when they will be asked do some alterations. “Just a little off here” or “taken in a bit there” and often, thats exactly what they are; simple, quick adjustments. Then comes the trickier alterations that involve a lot more effort and time but the person asking, still […]

Darts anyone?

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Ok, not the pointy, throwing, game based Darts but if you have been sewing for more than 5 minutes, you will know what a dart is. If you have just started you soon will know what a dart is! The vast majority of sewing patterns rely on some form of dart to add shape to […]

Tailors Press Ham – Tutorial

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So we all know the 3 F’s when sewing: Fabric, Fit and Finish? Get the 3 F’s right and you will certainly end up with a garment to be proud of. The F that often gets a bit ‘overlooked’ is Finish, as we rush to finish our next amazing make. Part of the Finish process […]

Sewing books – Hidden gems

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There have been hundreds of books written about sewing over the years; some good, some bad but more importantly, some hidden gems. The techniques used in sewing have hardly changed from one decade to another. Apart from the sewing machine, all the other tools of the trade have remained practically unchanged. This creates a problem […]

Creative Calico – William Gee Product Review

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It has been around since the 11th Century and one of the most versatile, yet underrated fabricsĀ ever made. A simple plain weave of (normally unbleached) cotton with a firm hand, Calico has more uses for crafters than you might think. From making ‘toiles’, cheap bags, aprons and for backing quilts, you will find Calico in […]

Want to Learn Tailoring skills? – For Free?

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Hello my amazing sewists/sewcialists/seamsters…The weather has been good lately, the great British Sewing Bee is coming back and I have been busy tailoring, so what could be better? Well……… How about spending a day with me, in my studio, learning Tailoring skills? I am offering one lucky person the chance to join me and learn […]

Moon 120 Thread – William Gee Product Review

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If you sew, you will almost certainly have heard of William Gee haberdashery; well certainly if you are in the UK. The family run business in London has been trading since 1906 and is certainly one of the biggest haberdasheries in the UK. With over 9000 products in stock, you are sure to find the […]

Mid year review – Yes I’m back!

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OK, no apologies but its half way through 2018 (where has the time gone?) and once again my lack of blogging has been noticeable. I thought I would post a little mid year review, just so you don’t think I have abandoned you all. The trouble is finding time to blog as often as I […]