End of the Year and time to start blogging

Well 2014 is nearly over and I feel I should start my sewing blog ready for 2015 and my first New Years resolution. As 2014 draws to a close I can look back on my sewing achievements for 2014. I have been sewing for years, thanks to my Gran but 2014 saw me leap back into this fantastic hobby due to my wedding back in October. 
Wanting to get married wearing tweed waistcoats seemed like a great idea until I saw the cost of decent ones! So I went to the local fabric shop, bought a pattern and some tweed. I then set to the rather old Frister sewing machine and made 6. 
It was a learning curve, having not worked with a sewing pattern for years but I enjoyed every minute. Since then I have made several jackets for myself, a cloak for my wife, numerous shirts and currently a pair of trousers. I will post pictures of 2014’s escapades in another post I am sure.

Men of tweed

Well I shall wish you all a happy new year and look forward to making more sewing friends soon.

1 thought on “End of the Year and time to start blogging”

  1. What a great start to your blog! I only just found yours. Mum did the same for my brother's wedding, except it was 9 and in some rather ghastly (IMHO) pinky red burgundy-ish slubby fabric. 7 adults and 2 kids. It did make a lovely photo though, as do your beautiful tweed waistcoats.

    Your thrift is to be admired! My daughter has already decided if she ever gets married, she will set a budget of £1000 and if it can't be included on that, she's not having it!

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