A New, old book and a new challenge….

I bought a new book yesterday, well old new, from the local antique book shop. Had a good read last night and now have set myself a new challenge.

The book…..

A while back I made a jacket from the Burda 6993 pattern and was quite pleased with the result (see pic) but I really want something different. 
Many years ago (like 20!) I bought a lovely wool/cashmere long coat from a reputable UK store and spent a lot of money.  However it never really suited my because it didn’t fit that well. so here is the challenge…. Using the Burda pattern as a block can I suitably change/adapt/add/edit etc to make something like this? (I love this wool style longer jacket, sort of pea coat style.) I just so happen to have 3m of lovely pure wool heavyweight cloth in black ready.
So far I have lengthened the panels by 2″ and added just over an inch to the front centre and facings. This will give a deeper lapel when folded. I intend to alter the collar to make it wider. As for pockets etc? Who knows.
So far….Fronts marked and ready for cutting (Thank heavens for the lovely new tailors shears I got from Santa this Christmas!)
I love using chalk on wool — makes me feel like a real tailor! Not sure how things will turn out but will keep you all posted.
Until next time…….

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