Coat update and a lack of buttons!

Coat progress has gone well today. I set in the sleeves which unusually went without a snag. I normally pin one wrong or upside down or inside out etc but they went in a dream. Wool has a forgiving nature and allows for a bit of movement.
Alas it was going well until I realised I didn’t have enough buttons for the sleeve tabs. After much Googling I decided a trip to the (not so local) shop where I purchased the original buttons. Luckily there was one packet left! (Note to self buy more buttons than you think you need!)

Anyway, coat nearly finished. Hem the sleeves and put in the lining. I shall do this over the next few evening.

Here’s a few pics. 

Thanks for reading and next time I hope to show the completed coat.

2 thoughts on “Coat update and a lack of buttons!”

    1. Hi, thanks! Yes I am really happy with it. I shall put the lining in tonight and finish it off. Apparently we have cold weather due here in the UK so will be getting some use

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