Coat update

Well after the idiot mistake the other day with the pocket here, progress has been more to my liking. I have put the concealed button in the vent and made a shoulder yoke.
This did take some time as it was tricky to get a flat piece of material to fit comfortably around shoulders and front. I made up a pattern and kept large hem allowances so I could play around with them.

The yoke is held in place with 2 front chest buttons and one centre rear. I made the rear longer (width-wise) so it  shows a slight gap between button and sleeves. Oh the reason for a different coloured button at the rear…….well I always place one different colour button on my left sleeve/cuff but thought I would do something different!

I then knocked up a pair of epaulettes to go on shoulders. 

So next the sleeves which should bring this all together nicely.

Happy sewing!

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