Gadget/tablet holder sew-along

Firstly this design is not mine. I have seen many variations of this online so I made one for a Christmas present and thought I would share what I did. Also my sister-in-law wanted me to put this up as she wants to make one! This is a really easy project and should take no more than an hour.

So here they are. I made two different sizes for different size gadgets/tablet. The larger is suitable for iPad size devices and the other for smaller tablets (kindles etc). Obviously these can be used for a multitude of purposes not just gadgets. So have fun making one.

What you will need: 
Offcut of material to make an 18″ x 12″ or 14″ x 10″ depending on size rectangle. (You could use two smaller scraps 9″ x 12″ or 7″ x 10″)
Some filling material (Your choice here: Old material scraps, rice, wheat, dried peas, wadding etc. etc) 
Needle and thread
A funnel for filling (makes it easier)

1. Cut material 18″x12″ or 14″x10″ 

2. Fold in half along long edge (right sides facing) pin.

3. Sew along 1 short and the 1 long open edge.

4. Now pick up the bag with the long seam at the top, and flatten open end at 90 degrees to other end. Hopefully the pictures explain better?


5. Pin and sew along open short edge leaving 2″ or so open at one end.

6. Turn right sides out through opening, turn with long seam at bottom. Open out ends forming two triangles and press. Fold up a small triangle, point to centre, pin.

7. Stich across bag leaving a space of about 1.5″ from filling end. I stitch 3 lines. 2 close together and one in a slight arc. Stop stitching about 2″ from end in line with the opening you left.

8. Start filling the big end! Push a funnel through all the gaps you left in your stitching and fill it up. 
9. When full to your liking stitch the 3 lines fully across that you did in no7.
10. Now to fill the small tube at the front. **STOP** Make sure you have a needle threaded and ready to close the seam when you have filled. When filled close seam securely.
11. Finally pop a stitch at the back to hold the small triangle in place, and thats it! Gadget holder finished.
I hope you enjoyed my first sew-along and look forwards to seeing your creations.

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