New coat part 2…..

So how is my new coat coming along? Well after looking at the Burda pattern I referred to in my last post I made my own pattern pieces and I have cut out most of the pieces. I basted the fronts and back to check fit – looking OK so far.
The back seam and vent is complete, including being top-stitched. There is something nice about top stitched seams in wool. The darts in the front pieces completed too.

I think I will add a concealed button to the vent to keep it secure? Thoughts….

Pockets were the next challenge. I like slanted jetted pockets with a flap. Although I like the flap to actually work! I can’t stand  flap pockets with fake buttons!
Marked out

Trial positioning of pocket flaps.

I shall use some of the material from my new year trousers, again wool, for the welts and pocket linings. I might just jet the pocket edges then apply the flap or do it properly!

After that I will look at making a over-yoke for the shoulders, perhaps with one button at the back? Not sure yet. 
Anyway back to the sewing room……

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