The coat is finished!

Well I have just finished my coat. I am a happy man. The idea behind this project was to see if I could make something I wanted rather than from a pattern I like. I don’t think I’m yet ready to draft my own patterns from scratch but decided to do as many seamstresses and tailors do….use a pattern that works as a ‘block’ and adapt it. The pattern wasn’t just changed for fit but to create an altogether different garment.

I used the Burda 6993 pattern – I have already made the jacket from it and that turned out well but wondered if I could change it to make a wool trench coat. Well I have! I made up my own pattern using the Burda and made lots of changes, read my other posts if you missed them. Changes included: collar, fronts, pockets, over-yoke, epaulettes as well as length and shape.

I lined the coat tonight and put a ribbon piping along the facings, which i like. Was it easy? No but it wasn’t difficult. Was it worth it? Yes! Of course I had problems along the way like messing up pockets, running out of buttons but it made me look at how I approach sewing in an altogether different way. I was thinking how it is made rather than the end product. It certainly made me take my time with measuring, cutting and careful sewing.

A coat like this in the UK would cost at least £200, add a posh designer name and you are talking £500+++ This cost me less than £40 and it fits me, looks like I want and I have the proud knowledge that I made it!

So I guess what I am saying is to all you who aren’t sure, go for it – Have a go at what you want to do.

Here it is:

What the pattern should have looked like:

My version, back and showing the piped lining

I will try to get a photo of me wearing it today.
Now to choose my next project, although I am guessing it will be a slightly easier make as I am due to receive a new baby very soon. (Baby clothes….now that has a lot of scope for ideas!) So until next time…..

8 thoughts on “The coat is finished!”

  1. What a beautiful design and excellent workmanship. It looks very expensive; your adaptation is much better than the original, imho. So glad I found your blog!

    1. Oh I bet you have. Hopefully only the ones that appreciate how much work you put into it. I have a list of people I want to make things for but need to gain confidence in the fitting process. Must be easier to fit to someone else though, I imagine.

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