Vintage Jacket make. Update

A quick update on the vintage Jacket I am making. Progress has gone well. The sleeves have been set-in and padding made for sleeves and shoulders as per the pattern. I have attached the interfacing (canvas woven) and done a lot of hand-stitching. I said in my last post I could see lots of hand stitching, well I was right but well wort it. I haven’t done pad stitching for years but have done a lot on this jacket. Such a shame it will all be hidden after a lot of work.

Interfaced, biased fronts (note the tape along the lapel roll line) 

Sleeves ready for pads and back lining opened.

So phase three of the make is next: The collar then lapels and facings/linings. Again lots of hand stitching coming up but looking forwards to the relax. Then the final phase is to finish hems, plackets and vents and pop in some buttons.

So until the next update………..

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