Vintage patterns are beautiful!

Well in my last post i mentioned starting a late 1950’s pattern for a regulation sports jacket and I have made a start. 

Wow! what a difference. Firstly the pattern is not printed but cut and punched with holes to represent different things. 

Secondly the instructions are beautiful, not only in looks but quality. I had to read a few steps many times but then it became very clear what to do. The illustrations are also brilliant.

So far…. I have cut out the pieces and used tailors tacks to mark the appropriate pattern marks (white thread for seams, blue for squares and red for slash lines)

Next simple darts under sleeve front then onto pockets. Again the instructions were brilliant. A nice welted breast pocket..
Then onto the lower pockets, this did confuse me a bit as for the left pocket there was an extra lining piece. Loads of pieces here (7 for left pocket and 6 for right)
I carefully followed the instructions, word-for-word and voila! Lovely welted pockets with flaps (same technique as bound buttonholes)
a watch pocket! (Thats what the other lining piece was for!) 
Back and side seams are complete (bound edges of course) 
Shoulder lining in place ready for sleeves, interfacing and front linings.
This pattern really has shown how many shortcuts we take today when following a pattern. I have never used so many pieces for a jacket before but the quality really shows. Definitely no short-cuts here!
Right back to the sewing room and I’ll let you know how the next stage goes.
Happy sewing!

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