A slight wedding pause….

I must apologise…I should be posting the continuation to my linen jacket tutorial I started. I had to put that on hold for a while as I have been making more shirts…Yes thats right, more shirts!

OK, I confess the shirts aren’t for me but a friend who is getting married next week. He wanted a special shirt for himself and his two sons (aged 7 and 8). So a visit to the fabric shop yielded some lovely Liberty fabric named “Wild at Heart” It is a lovely lightweight cotton nearly sheer but looks beautiful and certainly something special for a wedding shirt.

I also got some silver/grey satin and suitable buttons. The satin was for the inner collar stand, under-collar and inside the cuffs.  So a few days and 3 shirts made! 
I hope he likes them and let me know what you think. Right I promise my next post will be about my Linen Jacket!
Until next time……Happy Sewing!

7 thoughts on “A slight wedding pause….”

  1. Sorry if this comment shows up twice but google is colluding with my phone to send me round the bend. I said:

    They'll look so adorable in their matching shirts and it looks like you did a wonderful job on them.

  2. They look amazing, your friend is so lucky to have his own special tailor to create him such stunning and bespoke wedding shirts! The picture of the three of them lined up together is just sew adorable! xx

    1. No problem, I will keep following your projects, i like the detail that you present. I just recently got back into sewing, after a bit of a break, so seeing techniques on your blog is good. I want to get back to making most of my clothing instead of doing alterations most of the time.

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