Educational toy make – Something a little different

As you know if you read my blog I make clothes, clothes and more clothes: Jackets, coats, shirts you name it. However I have made something different. A range of educational toys for children. 

It consists of 7 different fabric panels (filled with 3mm foam board) and a variety of clothing fasteners.

A large zipper (opening), Velcro, Poppers, Small Zipper, Large Button, Small Button and Lace up. Each one is 8×11 inches and made using bright coloured cotton. Each one allows children to practice fine motor skills of fastening clothes. Start with the easy Velcro on to the zipper, the poppers, large zip, big buttons, small buttons and finally the lace-up.

Easy and quick to make and hopefully of benefit to children who can practice wherever and whenever they want.
Hope you like and please let me have your comments. Might be worth making some more?
Here are a couple of close-ups
Till next time – Happy sewing

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