Tweedarees the latest fashion!

OK every now and again I have an idea, this has to be my best yet!

Today I was chatting to a colleague at work and she asked me how my sewing was going; as you know if you read my blog, I love tailoring and Tweed, so I mentioned to her about my idea. Tweedarees! Yep Tweed Dungarees! 

My idea is a little better than just Dungarees made of Tweed though:
I’m thinking fully tailored, full length leg and a variety of top/bust shapes. A traditional pair of Dungarees are nothing more than jeans with a bit on top and some straps. My idea is a lot more. Smart, refined and very classy. Welt pockets with fine leather trim, necklines to suit your style and no gaping sides to show the bits you don’t really want people to see! These will be something you can wear to work or a night out: Not for painting your living room!

My colleague thought it was a great idea and was duly measured up. She is very excited at the prospect of receiving the first pair of Tweedarees. I shall draft a sloper over the weekend and make a toile of my own design (I will post my progress don’t worry).

So why have I chosen dungarees for a 21 century makeover? Well many of the clothes we wear today come from very traditional roots. Bowler hats were worn by Gamekeepers but became the image of a true businessman, Sports jackets were designed for watching/taking part in hunting but became more formal. Working clothes have become fashionable over the years and so should Dungarees. 

I will keep you posted but remember you heard it here first folks! Tweedarees will be the next big thing! (Well Onesies made someone a lot of money!!!)

Till next time….Happy Sewing

4 thoughts on “Tweedarees the latest fashion!”

  1. Nice idea, I wear “upscale`jeans especially for work. I haved used nice wools with lycra in it. I have this thing for lycra because the clothing is more confortable to wear and less restrictive then traditional wools and tweeds. You will also have to make yourself a nice tweed hunting jacket to match. Looking forward to seeing the project develop.

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