Tweedarees update and other news!

So my last post I told you about my wonderful fashion idea! Yes the Tweedaree. Well to be honest I’ve not done a lot about it as I have been busy with other things. I did draft some ideas of what I want them to look like. Imagine a waistcoat/trouser all-in-one.

I did buy some material for my first iteration – OK it’s not tweed but a lovely woven cotton,linen,silk blend. It has a gorgeous soft feel and looks like it will tailor well. I also picked up some nice contrasting poplin for the pockets.

This week I hope to make a start on a pair so will keep you posted.

In other news – I have nearly finished a Wedding jacket for a friend who is getting hitched soon, time to line and add buttons. I also met a lovely lady and discussed her wedding….. A very exciting project to come…..

Until next time. Happy sewing.

1 thought on “Tweedarees update and other news!”

  1. A few things about your design: on paper it looks nice, could even make it look like sexy evening wear, the issue that I see is related to mobility – the ability to sit down in them, and the ease of off and on for restroom business. The fact that you are using woven material will make ease an issue. These issues are the same related to one'es or jumpsuits. I know with bib'ed overalls/dungarees, the reason why they are comfortable is that they have ample room too move and are easy to get off for the restroom. Just a few things to think about.

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