Neapolitan Jacket…..The reveal!

So several posts ago I said I was making a Neapolitan style jacket for myself. You know those beautiful Italian jackets from Naples. Well, finally I have finished my jacket. Yes it has taken longer than usual but I have been busy with other makes such as a wedding dress, blouses for Lu from the Love Sewing Magazine, makes for the Minerva Craft Bloggers Network and the (tutorial) shirt for the book I’m writing (Don’t forget to subscribe for a chance to win a copy!). Also I promised a step-by-step tutorial on this make and as a consequence it has meant stopping and photographing every step so time has raced on. 

Anyway here it is……. one Neapolitan (Devapolitan) jacket. 
(Sorry the photos haven’t been taken in a sunny Italian location!)

I am really happy with this. It is lightweight,
being half lined and with all the Neapolitan quirks associated with this style of jacket: The rouched/pleated shoulders, barchetta breast pocket, cinched waist, rounded patch pockets and all the other little things you would expect.

The make was really straightforward, although putting pleats in a shoulder was more difficult than keeping them smooth. The barchetta pocket took time and careful thought and finishing  of the seams was time consuming.

Would I do it again? Yes! Do I like the feel of the jacket? Yes, it is so much less formal and just a little more relaxed.

I drafted this pattern for myself (size 40 chest) If anyone is interested in a copy of the pattern please let me know.

My next post will be the complete step-by-step tutorial on this make so watch this space.

In other news, Tonight I spent a great time with two lovely ladies who want dresses for next month so styles and fabric have been picked. Sophie picked a lovely 1960’s knee length shift dress but we will bring it into the 2000’s with a tulle patterned overlay. Hattie picked a gorgeous sheath dress with lace polka-dots. (just wait till you see the fantastic colours!)

I will keep you posted on these makes too.

Until next time…Happy sewing.

3 thoughts on “Neapolitan Jacket…..The reveal!”

  1. Nice jacket Jamie, looking forward to the detailed tutorial. Pretty soon you will have to give up the day job to do tailoring, dressmaking, fashion design and your custom couture house/business.

  2. I am on course to making it. The barchetta took three of my attempts. Having trouble giving pleats to the sleeve cap. I think it’s more to do with the type of cloth which should give wavy pleats rather than sharp puckered appearance.

  3. Hi Jamie.
    Can I get the pattern for this jacket. The previous pattern I had made myself by following your pics.

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