60’s style shift dress

In my last post Hattie and her Mum Sophie came over to try on their new dresses I had made, ready for an upcoming wedding. Well here is Sophie in her lovely 60’s style Shift dress in electric blue satin with an Ivory lace, flower patterned, tulle over-dress and ivory silk bound arms.
Again this was from another New Look pattern, number K6145 I had in my vast pattern stash. Sophie wanted

the armless version but without the collar so an easy mix of pattern pieces.

Basically the style A in the picture without sleeves. Whilst we were deciding on patterns we came across a similar style online that had a square cut neck at the back, easy enough to do so square neck it was!
The fabric, again from Carringtons, was a medium weight satin for the main dress and a tulle lace with small flowers.
The Ivory coloured tulle ‘tamed’ the brightness of the blue satin and has made it look far more sophisticated (well I think so!)
I had to make a few minor adjustments: Length was good but I needed to take the side in, from arm to waist, by about 1/4 inch to slim the shape a little. Sophie wanted the adjustments, after various discussions with everyone around her (including my wife!) and I think she was right to have them done. Unlike the Sheath dress, in the last post, I kept the tulle fixed to the under-dress so i was closer fitting and I really think it worked on this style.
Overall I am really happy with this dress and although it is essentially a very simple design, it looks stunning.
So my second post of September and 2 dresses down! What next?……Full Bust Adjustment tutorial? 
Until next time
Happy sewing…..

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