Retro shirt and Hacking update

A while go i got a mixed bundle of sewing patterns (from a well known auction website) and yesterday I had a proper look through. Of the 25 patterns, most of the were ladies but 3 were for men. 2 Shirt patterns and a pyjama pattern. One pattern caught my eye and that was a very 1980s shirt Retro I call it! I don’t have the original packet but here is the picture on the instructions
So pattern by ‘Style’ and pattern #3080…Anyone have a clue who and when? Anyway I had a lovely piece of linen fabric that
I thought would work. Sadly I had nowhere near enough according to the pattern but with some careful cutting I managed: I had less than a 12″ square of fabric left! 
Well here it is and before anyone moans…..No I couldn’t match the fabric pattern! I didn’t have enough fabric!
To be honest it turned out better than I expected. I quite like it and it looks more modern than the pattern picture shows: I’m thinking ‘Surfer’ style? It has a pocket on the left, stitched as part of the front yoke and a flat collar. I think the pattern wants you to use a stretch material (just guessing as I don’t have the envelope!) but this works well. It is comfortably snug, even though it appears pretty ‘square’ when you cut it out. Although the fabric isn’t pattern matched I quite like the ‘abstract’ appearance.
While we are talking about pattern matching….Here is Lu’s hacking jacket, nearly finished.
I need to line and finish sleeves then add the buttons. I am happy and it fits well. I took ages making sure the pattern matched (unlike the shirt!) and it really does pay off.
Before I finish I would just like to mention a fantastic new website called The FoldLine where all of us mad sewing types can get together! I have joined and I hope you will too!?
Finally, a while back I mentioned I would be blogging for the Minerva Bloggers Network; well you will see my first post soon! I made a lovely ******* (Ha ha you’ll have to wait!)
Right until next time…………
Happy sewing!

6 thoughts on “Retro shirt and Hacking update”

  1. Style patterns were out during the 70's, 80's and into the 90's, I use to really like them and have a few of them. I am not sure when they stopped. I liked their multi-sized patterns, I have also picked a few up from etsy and ebay that were from the mid 90's. You retro shirt pattern is not the most attractive and a bit to WillyWear for my tastes, but as long as you are happy with it is all that matters. You are doing some great tailoring on the jacket.

    Jamie, did you learn to tailor on your own or did you apprentice with a bespoke tailor? I started sewing when I was around 10 yrs old and sewed all thru high school into uni, then stopped and took it back up in 1993 and then another long break. – Corey

  2. Thanks for the info, never really seen Style patterns. Yea not the prettiest shirt but a bit of fun. I was raised by my gran and started sewing when i was little. Never had any form of training and have learnt all I can myself.

  3. Jamie, I understand, I am totally self taught. I started making things on my grandmom's sewing machine. No one else in my family knows how to sew. Over 30 years of making clothing and home dec projects. It has been lately over the past 5 years I have really developed my skills moving into pattern drafting, draping, pattern blocks and making my own. I have been focused on refining my "industrial sewing techniques" so that I can complete garments quickly with a high end rtw finish. If it looks home sew, I don't wear it. I have also had to do alterations, alterations and more alterations. You learn how an industry garment is put together by having to fix/tailor them for others. – Corey

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