Latest Minerva Craft Blog and blue wool Jacket update

My second blog for the Minerva Craft Bloggers Network went live today. A lovely dress for my wife Lu and ready for the festive season coming soon.

Sneak peek but click here for the full writeup.

Now I’ve been making progress with my Welsh Wool jacket;
sleeves are in and I’ve handworked the buttonholes but I have a dilemma….

I bought some buttons before I started the make. Lovely wooden ones similar to the style from Lu’s Hacking Jacket. I hoped they would pick out the yellow in the wool. Now I’ve made the buttonholes I’m not sure they work…

I tried some other, more conventional buttons as well. What do you think?

This jacket is my effort at being a bit more “Couture” and after working the boutonniere 

I added a small loop behind to hold the stem of a flower….

Couture or what!

Right time for the lining so until next time…Happy sewing

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