Some casual wear for a change

It feels like an age since my last post but things have been a little busy (OK not really an excuse!) and this post isn’t that long. I have managed to sew nearly as much as I normally do but have spent a bit more time planning different makes, writing an article for a certain magazine (details in due course) and making something for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network (due next month).

Yesterday’s make was a little different than my normal jackets, coats, shirts etc. and went for a piece of casual clothing! I don’t normally bother with casual stuff as I feel it tends to look dated but I had the Simplicity 1286 pattern which has a rugby-style top.

I had some heavy-ish black stretch in my stash I won from Love Sewing magazine and here’s the end result.

Construction was really easy. Just 7 pieces: Front and back (both cut on fold) LH and RH button stand, Collar stand, collar and collar. 

Putting it together consisted of the front having the button stands stitched left and right. Stitch front to back. Add collar and stand and sew in sleeves. OK I know that sounds a bit too simple but actually it really was. 

I used some contrasting stretch cotton (a recycled pair of ladies jeans) and overlocked all the seams I could (even setting the sleeves in!)

Overall this took about an hour and a half and I quite like it. Need to think of some more colour/fabric combinations now and make a few more.

Next project is the red coat for Lu’s Christmas present and I better get started as it will soon be here!

Until next time…Happy Sewing

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