Exciting news and a free pattern.

The trouble is with Blogging there are just too many things to Blog about and just not enough time! So trying to stick to my New Years resolution of Blogging more often here I go.
Firstly I would like to say a huge thanks to all the comments and praise I have received for my #Blazerof2016 jacket. As soon as I posted my last post I was inundated with tweets, comments and words of thanks! I can’t wait to see what everyone else will produce.
So a few bits of exciting news:
The most exciting (and important) news is that our little boy, Harry, will soon be a big boy. Yes he is going to be a big brother! If you follow me on Twitter you already know this but I thought I would tell the world. ‘We’ had our scan last week and all looks good, so in 6 months (or so) we expect to see another little Kemp (and Male Devon Sewist!).
I have taken a little break from the Minerva Crafts Bloggers Network, due to being so busy with other sewing challenges, but I am happy to say I am back. I received the next three MCBN parcels the other day and have already completed my April make. A little tease for you….
There is a common theme to my next three months makes for Minerva but they are all very different so keep your eyes peeled to see what I make.
In other news I was  contacted by Britex Fabrics in the US. Now this was a bit strange as I was wondering why a well known fabric store (in the US) would contact me. It seems they would like me to be a guest blogger!
How exciting (I’ve never even been to America. Although I would love to). I am just in discussion with them as to what to make and what fabric to choose so watch this space.
Now I mentioned a free pattern. Well I have drafted lots of patterns in my time but this one is different. I have gone all 21st century. Normally pattern drafting involves paper, pencils, French curves and a calculator but after a Twitter conversation to the lovely Lena @IconicPatterns in Australia, she suggested I try Adobe Illustrator to draft a pattern. Well as I own a copy of Illustrator I thought, why not!
So here it is.. The ‘Kool Kids Hoodie’ It is designed for 12-18m and comes with no instructions (yet) but is easy to put together. Here is my little man (big brother to be) wearing it. There are 2 front pockets, hood and front zip.
Please feel free to grab a PDF copy HERE and have a go (it is really free, no catch!) I made my version in Fleece with ribbed hem and cuffs but would love to see other versions.
So thats it until next time……Happy Sewing!

7 thoughts on “Exciting news and a free pattern.”

  1. Congratulations on all the good news.
    Specielt on the family grow bigger. Its wonderful.

    Thx for Giving us the pdf hodie , i love the Big brother in it.

    I tryed out your free gift, but its just 1 page so i gues my version Will be too small, What are i doing wrong?

    Regards Lis

  2. That is such lovely news, Jamie. And a very generous pattern download. Looks amazing. I just need to find me a small person to sew that for. Mine are all grown up now!

  3. Congrads on your news Jamie. Also, great job on your blazer, which i had one like that, i love the red plaid. Will be getting going with my sewing in the next week, just finishing up major diy work in my mom's home which was desperately in need of someone with skill that can do everything. I am going to be doing a lot of sewing to build a work wardrobe, easy fitting clothing, jackets, pants, some light weight outerwear. I generally don't make shirts unless these are different from norm, general just purchase a nice 20 dollar shirt from target. – corey

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