Busy, busy, busy and only one whinge!

Oh dear me…..It seems that every blog post I write these days starts with an apology. Yes I am sorry again for leaving it so long between posts but once again I’ve been so busy.

I guess with the start of spring and lighter evenings, other things start to eat into your time? In fact I actually spent a whole weekend in the garden doing, well gardeny things…I didn’t even venture into my sewing room! A lot of my sewing has been involved making things that I can’t yet blog but I promise I will get more tutorials and step-by-step posts up soon. So what have I been up to since my last post?…….

Well I started sewing workshops! That is, I started teaching them, not attending them! The first Saturday workshop was a great success and I think the participants really enjoyed their time. This workshop was aimed as the beginner/less experienced sewist or those that had not touched a machine for a long time.

Held in the local village hall, we had a great morning and I have already booked more dates over the next few months. Indeed I only have a few spaces left! I am also running a signed workshop in BSL (British Sign Language) which I am really looking forward to and a more advanced dressmaking course.

I celebrated my, ahem, forty…… something birthday which was lovely but was spoilt the day after. My lovely wife, Lu, got me a new DAB radio for the sewing room as my old DAB was going a bit weird. Unfortunately some idiot decided that the day after my birthday, it would be a good idea to turn off many of the digital transmitters in the UK and make us all retune our radios. You guessed it….I can no longer listen to my favourite stations: Well I can if I use SKY (which I don’t have) or Virgin Media (which I don’t have) or listen online (which I do have but without WiFi signal in sewing room). I guess I could move into a more urban location?

Anyway, whinge over, and back to sewing. The wedding dress I am making is as good as finished. It has been very time consuming, as you would expect, with metres of silk sewn by hand. I have made another friend (mother of the groom) her dress for the big day. Satin with a beautiful lacework bodice. (Sneak peek photo)

I made a pair of trousers for another friend. He just can’t find trousers to fit and got me to replicate a pair he has had for years. I even put some patches on little Harry’s jeans too which made a nice sewing change!

I appeared, again, in this months Sewing Made Simple magazine with part one of a three-part shirt making feature. It is always nice when you flick through a magazine to see something you have written and a lovely feeling to know you are sharing things with the sewing community.

I mentioned I was to be a guest blogger for Britex Fabrics in the US, well my make is finished and will appear next week. Something a little different using a grey knit.

And my next Minerva Crafts blog will also go live next week.

Phew! See I told you I had been busy!

So until next time (sooner, I promise)…..Happy Sewing!

7 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy and only one whinge!”

  1. Wow, you have been busy! I'll look out for your lovely published article and I'm looking forward to lots more exciting sewing news and posts from you very soon 🙂

  2. I would enjoy taking some sewing lessons from you, it is such a shame that i am so far away. I could do with your: blazer, overcoat and shirt making class. I am pretty good at active sport wear such as jeans, hood'ies, sweat wear, running gear etc and i really need to work on my bespoke tailoring skills.

  3. Yes you have been busy,😉 Making things your NOT abel to share with us. I almost lost my breat Reading all the things your been doing.


  4. Hi Jamie, you forgot to mention the great British sewing bee :-)Nice to see you in this programm. I am amazed by the boy's cape. Where did you get the pattern from? Would be great to alter it for an adult man.
    Greatings from Rotterdam, Martin

    1. Thanks Martin. Yes I couldn't mention the Bee in this post as it hadn't started. The cape was my own drafted pattern and I am thinking about making an adult version (male and female)

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