I'm back!

So I really do have an excuse for the delay in giving you a blog post…..I guess most people by now have heard that I have been a contestant in this years Great British Sewing Bee which started airing a few weeks ago on BBC2.

So that is one reason my blog posts have been a little slow, the other was the fact we lost Broadband connection for nearly 2 weeks! Although in a way it was quite nice, after the first couple of days pacing around the house. In fact having a nearly non-existent ‘social media’ connection meant I could get on with some sewing without much interruption. I guess there was a time, before the Internet and mobile phones, where we were all very much more productive?

Well I am back and can dedicate a bit more time to the blog and start getting some tutorials back for you all.

I completed another make for the Minerva Crafts Bloggers Network and you can read all about it here.

My guest blog post for Britex Fabrics went live and you can read the full story here. I still can’t believe I was asked to write a guest post for them. I just hope I get the opportunity to visit their amazing store in San Francisco one day soon.

Now you may remember a little while ago Janine (@ooobop) and I set up the #Blazerof2016 challenge.

Well we are nearly at the end of the challenge and so far we’ve seen some amazing blazers made. I hope I will be able to collate all the makes together and share them with you all. So if you are taking part or know someone who is, please do share your photos for all to see. After chatting to people we have decided to extend the deadline….so if you haven’t yet finished don’t worry. Keep going and share your photos with us.

I finished the wedding dress I have been making for my friend Gemma and her big day is fast approaching so I will post a some photos of the dress after the big day. As we have been invited to the wedding I thought I would make a new shirt. It will be made from this lovely mid grey Rose & Hubble cotton.

Right I better go and finish it!

Until next time….Happy Sewing!

7 thoughts on “I'm back!”

  1. Enjoyed the show – well done! My own wedding plans mean that I'm very far behind with the blazer challenge … How long have you extended the deadline for? Could be in with a chance of finishing, if not, hey ho!

  2. Just read the Britex post… with thicker fabrics I use the little clips they use for quilting to hold the seams instead of pins. Give them a go and see if it helps. Also I'm making pin cushions to sell with a layer of extra fine wire wool that keeps your pins nice and sharp. nothing worse than picking up a dull pin and snagging the fabric 🙁

    1. Do you know I have some of those clips (got them free with a magazine) and I'll give them a try next time. I think the problem with the pins was they were too thin. I could put larger pins in no prob. I guess like needles in stretch ball-point pins might be better. (don't know if you can get them?)

  3. Nice to see you back, looking forward to more posts from you. I watched a few clips of you on the show, I hope you enjoyed your time on the program. I bet that was a first for you to make ladies undergarments. Not sure I would ever venture there. You should give us a summary/overview of what you have planned for the rest of this sewing year. All the best Jamie – Corey

  4. Hello Mate,
    I've been so busy with work that I've fallen well behind on my sewing and sewing related Internet time.
    Sorry I didn't get to congratulate you on getting onto the Sewing Bee before now, great achievement, I'm well impressed, I wouldn't have the guts to apply myself.
    I will be looking out for this wedding dress….
    xxx Miss J.

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