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So having rummaged through the lovely pile of fabric I was so kindly gifted, I stumbled upon a beautiful bold flower print by John Kaldor. I have tried to find the print online but can’t see it, so if anyone knows the name of the print please let me know.

Pulling my go-to, Burda 7045 pattern out, I knocked up this shirt with a few modifications/detailing. I lengthened the fronts by 3 inches and then curved them to meet the original side seam and repeated the process for the back. 7045 is a short straight hemmed shirt but I prefer a bit more fabric to tuck in.

I opted for view C collar, which has the collar points buttoned down using a small loop behind and an extra pair of buttons either side of the central collar button. You can just see it in the next photo. Of course, being such a bold print I had to pattern match as much as possible including the front.

The centre button placket for the original pattern is a simple (double) folded under affair but I opted to go for a sewn on version (English placket). Simple enough to cut the original design and recut another button stand (making sure the pattern matched of course!) This was sewn in place and top-stitched. I quite like the look of the double button, so spaced 12 buttons holes up the front. You can just see the pattern matched pocket with burgundy edge stitching.

The under, button stand was made in the same way but in the contrasting burgundy cotton. This burgundy cotton was also used for the collar stand (inside and out) and the inner yoke. The yokes were bias cut and I didn’t pattern match the outer yoke as I like the feature of a visible yoke.

I wanted to do something different with the cuffs so made the placket in the burgundy and the cuff outer the same way. The inner cuff was in the floral fabric (so sort of reversed) and I added a small loop to mirror the collar loops.

Rather than cut the mitred shape in the cuffs I folded them up (so showing the floral print) and they are held in place with the cuff edge stitching. Now if you follow my makes, you will know, I always add an odd button to my left cuff and of course this shirt wouldn’t be any different. I picked up this funky scissor button on a recent visit to the fabulous Bunyip Beads here in Exeter. (Definitely worth a visit if you are passing).

A few more photos:
So 23 button holes and buttons later its all finished. Although it is not my normal style of print for a shirt, I am really pleased with how it came out and will certainly be wearing it out and about. I hope you like it and please let me know what things you do to add a little ‘detail’ when sewing.
Until next time……..Happy Sewing!

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    1. Beautiful workmanship and I love the fabric! I'm sure you get many compliments and people asking you to make things for them. I would love to read a post by you on the subject of sewing for others. I refuse to do it because everyone always want everything for nothing… do deal with that issue?

  1. I think silver scissors were the badge for master tailors , I used to work with one, its use here is just right!…grrfy

  2. I'm in awe. What beautiful work. I love it when a sewist reimagines a basic shirt, making it their own design. And one thing reading all these blogs has taught me: don't be afraid of color; that print is fantastic.

  3. You won't know me, as I don't blog. I've only just found yours. Saw you on GBSB, but I don't think it showed you to your best really. I love making shirts and can tell that you do to. This is absolutely gorgeous! Great sense of colour and style. Are you really going to release and ebook on shirt sewing. I'm competent at sewing shirts, but always relish seeing how someone else does it! Looking forward to binge reading the rest of your blog!

  4. Great shirt. I'm planning to make my son a shirt as a surprise for his birthday and am practicing on a classic blouse for myself. Can you recommend any shirt patterns for a guy who's 6ft 5 in tall and not particularly svelte either? I offered to make him one and he turned his nose up at the idea so I'd love to prove to him wrong.

  5. WOW! So many details! I've started sewing this April, but I want to learn all these details you are making!
    Can you suggest any books, or..what helped you to learn all these?
    Amazing shirt and super great print matching!

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