Colette Albion Duffle Coat Review- Winter is coming!

Have you ever sewn something that you really enjoyed? What I mean is, have you made something from start to finish and enjoyed every bit: No tricky bits, no mistakes, no difficult instructions…..A bit like a really good book; it draws you in, keeps you reading then you don’t want it to end. 
Well that has just happened to me. It’s my sons fault, as the other week we were sat in bed and I was trying to encourage him to watch Paddington Bear (the old series from the 1970’s) when I got an idea: I need a duffle coat for the upcoming winter. Now, I knew exactly who to turn to as I have seen the Albion pattern from Colette so many times, but have never made it. Well now it was the time and this is what I ended up with.

I purchased the pattern from Britex Fabrics and it arrived 4 days later (amazing quick service!). I had some lovely wool fabric, that in the back of my mind I’d been saving for such a make and so it began.

Now if you have never made anything using a Colette pattern………What have you been waiting for?! The packaging is beautiful (and practical to store the pattern pieces after use), the pattern itself is very accurately printed and the instructions…wow amazing!

I got started and from the first stitch, I was hooked. The outer shell is a blue/grey wool plaid and I opted for a quilted cotton lining. As I knew I would use a quilted lining (2oz) I cut the pattern a size bigger. I always prefer a bigger looser coat anyway.

The coat has an upper yoke (doubled at the back) which I managed to pattern match. The yoke is top-stitched to add a bit of depth and feel.

The coat has in-seam pockets with large patch pockets on the lower front. The patch pockets are finished with a flap and I made the in-seam pockets with the quilted lining fabric for added warmth. 

I also hand picked the in-seam pockets with silk thread before adding hand sewn bar tacks, top and bottom, for a little couture touch.

I decided to add a drawstring to the hood front (not in pattern) by sewing a buttonhole at the bottom edge of the hood facing. This was then finished by sewing a channel (through outer and lining) and then adding the cord.

The pattern was very easy to follow, due to the the very detailed instructions and this allowed me to enjoy the make without worrying about doing something wrong. I opted to make my own toggle closures as they are so expensive ready made: Simple enough and sewn on by hand for a little more ‘couture’.

I added an inner pocket to the lining, for practicality, in the outer wool fabric for a little contrast.

The sleeves are finished with tabs, although they only have one buttonhole so are not adjustable. I might add another buttonhole further back to allow me to tighten the cuff if needed in bad weather.

The pattern was incredibly good to make and I really did enjoy it. Just like reading a good book, I didn’t want this to stop. I now have a really nice coat, ready for the harsh winter I am expecting!

Would I make this again? Yes indeed and I certainly will. I’m sure this could easily be adapted for a female fit so that might be my next move, (a present for the wife perhaps!) but I can see myself blogging about this again next year when I make another!

So there we go. If you fancy making a coat I can certainly recommend this wonderful pattern.

Until next time….Happy Sewing

5 thoughts on “Colette Albion Duffle Coat Review- Winter is coming!”

  1. Excellent coat, just perfect. I have this pattern, but haven't even moved it toward the top of the 'to do' list and now we're coming into summer…
    We're just catching up on GBSB over here in Oz and I could not believe you left so early. Clearly there was something going on there because you were a very superior Sewist. I just loved that cape you made, unfinished hand holes n all!
    Have you ever considered leather additions? My Cascade coat of a few years back was made with leather zipper bands and they were honestly no trouble to add at all and I even used fusible interfacing on the leather – total leather convert here!

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