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Someone famously once said, “You can never have enough fabric!’ (well I expect they did) and indeed this is true. If you sew, quilt or craft then fabric is a much needed requirement. We know that fabric isn’t cheap and no-one likes to waste it and having to buy more than you need for a project really annoys me. I recently wanted 0.25m for a project but had to buy 1m minimum. Many fabric stores sell end of roll and odd remnants but they are often priced based on the original price of the fabric; while it is cheaper it’s not always a great deal.

Introducing ‘Bundles of fun‘ by Interior Goods Direct.

fabric bundle

Disclaimer: I have no connection to the company but was kindly gifted a bundle of fun for review. All views expressed are my own. 

Fabric heaven.

A good sized plain box was delivered by courier and upon opening it, this was inside.

fabric bundle

Immediately it was clear that this was a serious ‘bundle of fun’! Without even opening further, you could see, through the little window (nice touch), a myriad of fabrics. Inside the bundle was wrapped in paper and tied up with string (another nice touch).

fabric bundle

Each bundle is hand picked and wrapped with a diverse range of fabrics. I had 20 pieces of fabric in the bundle in various sizes. The smallest piece was a little under 0.5m and the largest just under 2m but all full width of around 1.5m. Now that did surprise me as I expected the bundle to consist of much smaller pieces: As much of my sewing is the making of clothes the bundle will certainly provide large enough pieces for that.

The fabrics were all different; ranging from cottons, calico, chintz, jacquard and brocade. The patterns were just as diverse, from abstract, geometric, striped and artwork. The fabric is of very good quality throughout and I noticed some familiar names along some of the selvedges.

Here is half of the bundle.

fabric bundle

And the rest. As you will see a great range.

fabric bundle


Is this bundle worth it? Well at only £15, it most definitely is. I have paid more for a few pieces! The bundle will appeal to anyone who works with fabric: Crafters, home sewers, quilters and the like. It would be great for children to have a play with and not break the bank.

Several pieces have been earmarked already and will transformed over the coming weeks; the first, hmm, something to wear I think. Other pieces will be used for different crafty ideas so watch this space.

Overall, a brilliant bundle of fabric at an amazing price. Well packaged and with excellent quality fabrics. The surprise element is great too as you won’t know exactly what you will get but will certainly inspire you. Go and buy one now!

My thanks to Interior Goods Direct and I look forward to posting some of the makes from the bundle soon.


Until next time……Happy Sewing



9 thoughts on “Fabric bundles from Interior Goods Direct”

  1. Corr, do you think they would gift me a box? I’d do a review, I’d even do a dance…….don’t s’pose, it would have the same impact as your review……oh well, tum te tum…..

    I’ll just have to start saving my pennies!

      1. Oh wow, I have just done a dance of excitement, and the sun has come out…..

        Really? Really, really?

        Oh my goodness……..

  2. A great gift! Fabrics look interesting so looking forward to seeing what you use them for.
    I used to buy lucky dip bundles from a fabric company years ago when my children were little. It was exciting to see what was in it; fabrics got used for garments, fancy dress costumes, crafts….such great value for money.

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