Mens Asymmetric Shirt challenge

Now I love social media, well sewing social media that is, as I am always amazed by what my fellow sewers are doing. I love seeing their makes and find it all too inspiring. Occasionally though I see something I really want to make: Or as in this case was challenged to make! A few weeks ago Lainey who writes acraftteacuppa blog mentioned me in an Instagram post. She shared a photo of a somewhat crazy shirt whilst on her travels. In a shop doorway in Funchal, Madeira (whilst on a working holiday) she snapped this.


At first glance you might be mistaken for thinking it is nothing more ‘wonky’ shirt but there is much more. An asymmetric shirt is what this is: curved button placket, uneven hem and what looks like tapered cuffs. The photo itself was enough to inspire me.

The shirt challenge

So taking my standard shirt block I began at the front and was able to use some of my “Bundle” of fabric from Interior Goods Direct (read about that here). Firstly taking the button placket and curving it down to the side seam and hem on the left-hand side.


A similarly curved placket was cut and sewn into place but without interfacing due to wanting a soft look to the shirt overall. The right-hand front needed to follow the curve of the left (allowing enough overlap for buttons and matching placket). The hem was also asymmetrically curved.


It is obvious to see the difference from a ‘normal’ shirt! I made two front pockets in a contrasting floral pattern, again with curves to mirror aspects of the overall shirt.


The back was widened at the shoulder to accommodate a central box pleat and hanging loop before being attached to the fronts using the same floral fabric for the yoke. The hem at the back mirrored the front with a double curve.


The collar has floral curved ‘tip’ areas in the floral that lines up with the shoulder seam.


The sleeve plackets and cuff were also finished in floral contrast along with the cuffs themselves being curved to match the hem.


The shirt is finished with nice white stud buttons, just to be different.


So there we go! one asymmetric shirt. Actually it was not at all difficult, just took a little time to think about where the curves should go for a suitable style.

Here are a few more pictures




It was a fun make and I wore it the other day with lots of positive comments. So what do you think?

Until next time……Happy Sewing!

10 thoughts on “Mens Asymmetric Shirt challenge”

  1. Elaine is right… it did turn out much better than the original plain shirt! I think it’s fabulous ­čśÇ
    Wonder what I will find to challenge you with next? ;D

  2. Nice! Jamie, when will you return to the posts about your three piece suit? I’m anxious to see the final product! Thanks!

  3. it’s an amazing shirt !!! Well balanced with the floral details. It’s an inspiring work of sewing.

  4. Nice. I am new at sewing and very interested in new things. Can you possibly do a tutorial on how u modified your standard shirt block?

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