Singer 14SH754 Overlocker Tutorial Part 2 – Different seam finishes

Following on from my last post and video, here is part 2. This video will introduce the main seams you can create with your overlocker. It looks at 4, 3 and 2 threads (including how to convert the machine into 2 thread stitching) and includes the Flatlock and Super-stretch.

I hope this helps you and you have a go at a few more seam finishes with your overlocker.

Until next time……..Happy Sewing

22 thoughts on “Singer 14SH754 Overlocker Tutorial Part 2 – Different seam finishes”

  1. My Dad taught me to sew 50ish years ago. He would have loved seeing your posts etc. Lovely to read the positive comments and great encouragement for those who have not used an overlocker before 🙂

  2. Brilliant tutorial. Thank you so much. I am starting to feel much more confident about getting an overlocker after these 2 tutorials.

  3. Hi Jamie
    I was wondering if it okay to use standard cotton reels on the Serger? I use so many different colours that it would cost a fortune to have them all in the giant Overlocker cottons. I ask because I notice from the video you are using a yellow standard cotton reel. Your video’s are brilliant by the way. Angie

    1. Hi, yes you can use standard reels. Just make sure they are good quality and sew a little slower to make sure the cotton comes off the reel without getting tangled.

      1. Jamie most sergers and this model comes with thread covers which ensure your thread come off the serger evenly, they are nylon, mesh covers and fit around the spool .. they are great to use when you use decorative thread in your serger.

  4. Jamie you are a marvel! Clearly explained and easy to follow. You should consider making hard copies for sale. Would be so useful for us newbies as a go to reference. Thanks so much for doing this. So very helpful!

  5. Thank you Jamie.
    This tutorial is easy to follow & makes the whole process less daunting! I’m off to have a play with my machine:-)

  6. Thank You for these great videos on YouTube to help me use my new Singer Over locker. Your threading video is by far the best I’ve viewed! Very helpful!
    Please consider uploading more video tutorials on your channel? I find your instructions very easy to follow, and I enjoy learning the proper way to sew (as opposed to all the “cheat” methods available online).
    Thanks Again!!

  7. Oh my goodness you have made my life! Had this overlocker for almost 2 weeks and only now is it threaded correctly and working! I’m so happy it’s sad! Please please please release part 3 soon!!!!

  8. Hello! Thank you for such helpful videos! I think I’ve almost got my threading cracked. I still have a little problem though – I’m doing a 4 thread overlock and the stitches look nice and even but meet ‘off’ the fabric so there is a gap between the edge of the fabric and the thread. Do you think this could be the stitch width? I have fiddled around with the tension lots but With not much luck. I saw you turn the black dial to adjust the stitch width in the first picture but I’m not able to turn mine. Any tips? I have the Lidl singer overlocker that is in your videos

    Thank you so much for your help and great videos!

    Thank you

  9. thank you for explaining this machine in a way that can be understood. my machine now has a perfect stitch.

  10. Thank union u so much for the videos. I had my overlocker for nearly a year and had given up on the overlocker but now I can thread it!just couldn’t get the tension right! Look forward to more videos.

  11. Great tutorial and easy to follow now I have my new overlocker. Any chance you could run a Blind Hem tutorial using the overlocker please?

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