Singer 14SH754 Overlocker Tutorial Part 1 – Threading

So a little diversion as I present another video tutorial; this time about an overlocker. The Singer 14SH754 has become a bit of a thing in the UK since the grocery store Lidl started selling them cheap. The machine in question is actually very good (actually very very good) but many people buy one and then get a little stuck. So here is part 1 of my tutorials to help you out.


Until next time…..Happy Sewing!

31 thoughts on “Singer 14SH754 Overlocker Tutorial Part 1 – Threading”

  1. This is actually a good/great serger for the price. I first had and early version in 1994 of which i paid over 600 bucks for it. You can now get them at walmart here for 189.00 cdn. A bit of oil in spots will keep it running smoothly. It does a great job at flat locking but no so easy for setup for 2 thread overlocking. It always produced a perfect 3 or 4 thread stitch. Who needs a baby lock serger !

  2. Thanks Jamie, this makes a fiddly task very clear to follow & much less daunting. You’re a great teacher!

  3. Hi Jamie, thanks for this I have thread my machine but you have highlighted what I missed. Lol. I’ll be on the case in the morning

  4. Jamie, Thank you so much. So well explained and you made the threading of this machine look so easy. I can’t wait to get started properly as I’ve only had a little play. I have other commitments, (I have a cake decorating business) and as soon as I can I will be threading the overlocker, with your brilliant guidance and start making some clothes for myself and my grandsons.

    You are ace 🙂


  5. Absolutely genius! I own a different machine, but the principles are the same, and this the clearest, most concise explanation of how to thread it! Demystifying a daunting process for beginners, but also really helpful for those who are experienced, but don’t use their overlocker every day…or sometimes every month!
    Many, many thanks

  6. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I’m new to sewing and would like an overlocker to make my garments more professional but have been put off by some comments on line.
    You have given me confidence that I will be able to thread one now. Looking forward to the next blogs to show me how to use one. Great job. Thank you x

  7. This is a fantastic tutorial. I have learned things already about my overlocker that I had no idea about. I am thrilled that there will be more tutorials and look forward to discovering more about my overlocker. Thankyou so much for your time and effort in doing this for us Jamie.

  8. Excellent tutorial, have already seen where I go wrong sometimes. Looking forward to the next tutorial thanks so much for taking the time to do this Jamie

  9. Just about to throw my new overlocker through the window, then I found your brilliant tutorial. Thank you so much.

  10. This is a great tutorial thanks. I had threaded my machine but missed a couple of things. The close up views and step by step guide have helped me correct these and I’m getting much better results.

  11. I am really greatful for this brilliant tutorial but I followed this to the letter and I am having problem with red keep snapping

  12. Hi! First of all I want to thank you for the tutorial. To my surprise I managed to thread my singer overlocker pretty quickly. However, I only succeded once. The second time something must have gone wrong as even after threading it over and over again the same thing seems to be happening- threads in both needles keep breaking together with the lower looper thread. When I run the serger manually without threading it both needles seem to touch the lower looper and bend a little when in contact with it. Is it supposed to be happening? I’m totally new to sewing on an overlocker and have no idea what I’m doing wrong! Please help.

  13. Thank you so much for this.
    As a new overlocker user, I was just not able to make head or tail of the manual, with all that irrelevant, confusing (for getting started) information.

  14. Thanks heaps but all of a sudden my needles are coming unthreaded. Any ideas? I have rethreaded several times. Would the wrong needles cause this?

  15. Thank you Jamie Kemp! I celebrated the first birthday of my overlocker by watching your excellent video tutorial and finally using the blooming thing. Your explanation is so clear that I am ecstatic to be finally able to use it.Thank you lots.

  16. Help ! I’m still having problems threading the yellow looper. I think I have done it, try it out and works perfectly. Then try again and somehow like magic the thread comes out of the looper arm hole without breaking and still coming out with the fabric but no stitch! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    1. Hi. Rethread again in order (Red, Yellow, then RH needle and LH needle) Check that the yellow thread is firmly located in the groove in the looper arm (a bit hidden from view) and make sure the yellow thread passes OVER the red thread. Good luck

  17. Your tutorial was published a bit late for when I bought my overlocker from Lidl here in Cyprus in late 2015 (although it’s badged Pfaff, not Singer). But I haven’t used it for over a year (lost my sewing mojo a little) and was a bit lost on rethreading – I tried the knotting technique and it came apart so had to start from scratch! Was a bit stuck on the lower looper, but managed to get it sorted by watching this video and all was well. Thank you.

  18. Really great video. Had almost got the hang of threading, but difficult when threads break out of the order of usual threading! This is a sensible, extremely well-photographed video. Explanation – and what to watch out for! – very very clear. Filmed at a sensible pace so you can follow properly. Look forward to watching some of your other tutorials. Well done!

  19. Thank you so much for this tutorial!
    finally got my ‘Lidls Overlocker’ up and running after numerous attempts and giving up so many times over the past few years. Your instructions are very clear, it was easy to thread, unlike when I tried to follow any instructions that came with the machine. I’m so looking forwards to using it, thanks again,


  20. I have only just got my Lidl Singer overlocker out of the cupboard for the first time and found that the instruction booklet was not clear enough for threading. I spent a good deal of yesterday practising on the machine after watching your excellent video, which showed me exactly where I had gone wrong with threading the tensioners and how to find that irksome little looper notch which is hidden out of sight. Thank you so much! I have now ordered some threader tools from Amazon as I find it really tricky using my fingers.

  21. I just wanted to say an ENORMOUS THANK YOU for saving my sanity on SO many occasions, when I have been close to throwing my overlocker across the room during rethreading and rethreading my machine😵
    ⭐You’re a Star ⭐
    I have now managed to bust my needle… Please can you tell me where to get replacement needles for the same machine as yours!!

  22. Thank you for this great tutorial… I managed to solve a problem with my machine by just pulling the threath In the right way through the tension disc… 👍

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