Sewing rather than Blogging

Well I have been very bad, I have not Blogged since April! I’m not going to give you any excuses apart from the fact I have been busy sewing. Yes thats it, I have been making lots of different things and honestly, became caught up in it. As you know my blog posts are, generally, informative with tutorials and how-to guides so it was quite nice to just sew and not think about blogging every make: In fact I don’t really see the point as I share the things I make on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Doing lots of sewing however, has allowed me to build up a huge amount of future blog content though so keep coming back.

April sewing

My last post was a continuation on Overlocker skills, way back in April. There are more in the pipeline but they do take a considerable time to film and edit (think I need to look at my workflow). Much of the month was taken up with dressmaking for a client. I couldn’t blog or share much info at the time but I made some dresses for a singer in a band! Yes fame at last!

Slowdive (you may have heard of them) were releasing a new album, their last album was 22 years ago and they were about to tour the USA. It was a little weird seeing, via social media, photos of my creations on stage in America, when only a week or so before they were in my sewing room!

Here is Rachel from Slowdive stepping out on stage at Fortress Festival in the chiffon black/red box-pleated halter neck dress.

Sewing RG
Photo – @fortressfest Twitter

Next up was a return to the Minerva Crafts Bloggers Network where I have picked 3 different makes. My first make was the Thread Theory Design, Newcastle cardigan. Click on the photo to read the full write up.

Sewing MCBN

Whilst making the dresses and Newcastle Cardigan I began work on another jacket. Yes another jacket! I really like the Double Breasted jacket and they are definitely coming back into fashion, so I drafted my own. The jacket is nearly complete and I will do a full write up soon.

Sewing DB

May sewing

Moving into May it was time to make some things for my wife and a couple of dresses from Tilly and the Buttons were on the cards, namely the Coco and Zadie dress (there will be more info on both makes in another post). The Zadie went together well in black/white striped knit with black colour-blocked side panels.

Sewing Zadie

Whilst making the DB jacket the decision to make a pair of trousers in a different fabric (rather than having a full DB suit) came to mind. I knocked up a pair in lightweight navy blue suiting with white buttons.

Sewing Trousers

Of course having plenty of the navy suiting spare, why not make a matching waistcoat? Again something different and a DB with shawl/peaked lapels. A sketch of the idea.

Sewing DB Waistcoat

It wouldn’t be worn at the same time as the DB jacket but should look nice just with the trousers. Drafting and construction have begun.

Sewing DBWC

The second of the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network makes has been finished in plenty of time to go live and here is a little sneak peek.

Sewing MCBN

June Sewing

Well, June is here and you can see I have been a little busy with sewing (plus writing my regular Sew Now articles). June looks to be as busy too. Plans include a dress for my wife (for her sisters wedding in July) something for the boys (for same wedding), another Minerva make and finishing off current projects.

Blogging will be more regular too. I shall be reviewing the new book by Jules Fallon ‘Complete Dressmaking’.

Sewing book

I will also be reviewing the novel ‘The Sewing Machine’ by Natalie Fergie which I am really enjoying reading.


And I will be talking about paper…….

So check back soon and until next time……Happy Sewing

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  1. Nice to see a post from you. I enjoyed your serger series, and I believe most people learn about their serger in more detail then you get by reading the manual. You should a sewing machine review and what you recommend at different price points. It would also be nice to hear what your “dream machine is to use”

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