Great British Sewing Bee Live – Ticket winners!

We have winners! Yes tonight I pulled names from a pot to win tickets to the Great British Sewing Bee Live event in September.

In fact, I even did it live on Facebook! (Not particularly well, as the video was back-to-front!) but….

Anyway here are the lucky names:

Sava Andric

Richard Craven

Lesley C Foster

Angela Bryant

Debbie Alford

Tina Ainsworth

Liam Firth

Rachel Chilcott

Emily Keller

Jessica Birtles

Tina Duffy

Fiona Wilson

Emily Last

Richard Blennerhassett

Congratulations to you all and please do get in touch so I can get the tickets to you.

Sorry if you didn’t win but remember you can use the code JKC when buying your ticket to the show and receive a little discount.


Looking forward to seeing you all in September!

Until Next time…….Happy Sewing



11 thoughts on “Great British Sewing Bee Live – Ticket winners!”

  1. Thank you Jamie. I couldn’t hear and wasn’t entirely sure that was my name because of it being back to front – lol, but so glad it was. I’ll be there Sunday and I’ll come and say hello and thank you in person 😀

  2. That’s brilliant. Thanks so much. How we contact you and how do we get the tickets ? Again thanks.

  3. My daughter received two complimentary tickets for Thursday but she will be working, is it okay for me to bring a friend instead?

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