Free Great British Sewing Bee Tickets!

Following on from my last post I have an amazing give-away. Free tickets to The Great British Sewing Bee Live event. September 21st to 24th at ExCel London. You know you want one of these!

Sewing Bee


I have tickets for Thursday, Friday or Sunday (Each ticket admits 2 people on one of those days). Plus I have a limited number for the Saturday (again admitting 2 people).

So how do you get your hands on a ticket? Simple:

  1. Head to my Facebook Page and Like it (If you haven’t already!)
  2. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter (If you don’t already!)
  3. Share the Facebook post about this Give Away.
  4. Enter a comment below telling me about your best sewing make and the Day you would like to attend the show.

That’s it! I will draw the lucky winners at random on Saturday 5th August at 7pm. The lucky winners will be notified here and over on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages so make sure to check back!


Good luck and I can’t wait to meet you in September







29 thoughts on “Free Great British Sewing Bee Tickets!”

  1. Have shared your post and already follow you on twitter for your interesting sews.

    Best makes by myself are cycling jerseys, probably the one for which I designed the fabric. Always love riding in it.

    I would like tickets for Friday 22nd. Hopefully I will be lucky enough to see you there in person.

    1. I want to thank you 😊 so much for sharing how to use singer 14sh644 you were truly the only one to take
      Enough time to show how to use in detail bless you 🙏 !!!

  2. I think my best sewing make was my first dress, I was amazed I could actually make something I could wear! I bought the fabric from a remnant basket in a haberdashery on holiday and new exactly what I wanted to make with it. I did cheat a bit, using Kam Snaps instead of making 8 buttonholes, but it suits the style of dress 😊
    I would like to visit on the Thursday 😊

  3. Hi Jamie
    Follow your page already have liked and shared.
    My favourite make was a dress i made for my olevel i was helped by my late mum and dad who worked in the upholstery trade. The pattern and instructions were all wrong so they showed me how to sort it and not give up! A valuable lesson in sewing. I wore that dress a lot sadly i no longer have it but do habe photos. If i was successful either saturday or sunday would be fantastic.

  4. Have shared and liked your page. Don’t do Twitter . My favourite make was an evening dress in apple green shot silk and I just loved it. One of the weekend days for me please as unfortunately I work.

  5. I’m only a beginner so haven’t made much as yet, well nothing I could wear outside of the house!!
    I have made PJ’s for my daughter and cushion covers but I sewed the zip in on the top and not the bottom of them so they aren’t great!!!
    I’ve made copious amounts of bunting which has been good practice but I lack the confidence to try bigger projects just yet but I’m working on it and hope to make something to wear soon!

  6. My best makes have been copies of a favourite dress of my daughters when she wore the original practically to death! I’d like to take her with me to the show and as she works (poor thing!) a weekend day would be best.

  7. Wow, great giveaway. My best make is always my last! I love facing a new challenge and seeing how my sewing improves with each garment.

  8. My best sewing was more about the occasion it was made for them the dress itself as I’ve made lots of outfits over the years.
    I recently made a light cotton tea dress to wear to Buckingham Palace for my daughters Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award. We actually met the Duke himself on his last ever DofE ceremony and this post is written on his last day of official solo duties.

  9. I already follow your blog which I find really interesting. I’d love tickets for the Thursday or Friday please.
    My best make was my first tailored jacket – I jumped in with beautiful real Harris Tweed and love the jacket 2 years on and it’s had tons of wear. It started my love for tailored jackets and coats. I’m currently in the middle of a French jacket and planning a cranberry wool coat to make in the autumn.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  10. I’ve shared on Facebook and follow you on Twitter. My best make was my bridesmaids dresses 21 years ago. Now back dressmaking again and following your blog for valuable tips.
    Sunday for me please

  11. My best sewing make is not a dressmaking project, it is a quilt. It was made for a friend of mine for her 60th Birthday, I designed all the quilt blocks and incorporated photo’s of all of her dogs (past and present), her, Daughter and her Grandchildren (one grandchild had passed away at the young age of 3). The quilt ran late as it was turning into a huge project but during the time that it was late, her daughter had another child, so in the border of the quilt I placed photo’s of her newborn granddaughter. The Quilt was named: The Important Things in Life. It eventually finished up as a Queen Size Quilt where I learnt a huge amount of new techniques and took my sewing to a new level, so I invested in a new sewing machine with all sorts of decorative capabilities, which I now use in my dressmaking.

    The day I would like to go would be Friday

  12. My best make is the last dress I made. It is from Gertie’s dress book and is made with a tiki vintage cotton.

  13. HI James, You know I’m a massively big fan of yours! You are always there to kindly answer any questions 🙂 My biggest challenge making a Wedding dress..everyone was impressed! I would love to attend the show to improve on my sewing skills. Saturday or Sunday tickets would be great. Many thanks 🙂

  14. I’ve shared, liked and followed! 🙂 My best make so far is a purple shirt I made out of Italian cotton I bought in Rome, it turned out really well and the arms are actually long enough! I’m ambitious to work my way up to making a proper tailored jacket 🙂 I’d love to win tickets to the show – and hopefully come to one of your workshops! I can only make it on Saturday (due to trains) – so fingers crossed! Thank you for the giveaway and the great blog! 🙂

  15. After twenty years of quilt making I’ve recently rediscovered dressmaking. My favourite make is a simple shift dress. But I aced the invisible zip, it was perfect, which was a great achievement, so pleased with it. I would be happy to attend any day. already follow you on FB, now liked and shared, and now following on Instagram. Sorry, haven’t mastered Twitter!

  16. I have just got into sewing after being an avid sewing bee fan. I got a sewing machine for my 21st birthday a few months back and I first made a backpack made with the cutest bunny fabric. Can’t believe it’s still survived after being stuffed full with everyday essentials!

  17. Gosh, I would love to attend. And potentially get to see you in person (which would be the real price). But alas, a trip to Europe is not in the cards for this summer.

    Have fun!

  18. Hi favourite thing has to be my leopard print bow tie. Not only because I love leopard print but also it got me to learn to tie a bow tie. It recently got me though a round of interviews and so has become my interview bow tie.

    I would love to go on Saturday or Sunday however I’d easily take a day off work.

    On another note, I’ve been wanting to make a men’s cloak/ cape and I remember you made a lovely one on the sewing bee. I can’t find a pattern and wondered if you could recommend one. Thanks.

  19. Went to my first ever sewing class on Sunday – Scary as a guy but it went well – My best and first make are the 2 cushions I made at the class.
    I would love a Sunday at the sewing bee to help hone my skills!

  20. Liked and shared 🙂 my proudest sewing project was an autumn coat but don’t think I could recreate it now… I’d be keen on the Friday and Sunday.

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