Sew long 2017 – Welcome 2018

Sew 2017 has all but come to an end and wow, another amazing sewing year it has been. I will admit that this year has seen me blog far less than I intended (and promised last year!) The trouble is that there are too many things to make and never enough time. This year has seen me focus on more time intensive makes rather than quick items and even entered the world of video tutorials. My family has taken up more time this year, which is lovely of course. The youngest began walking at nine months so all of a sudden we could begin enjoying more days out.

Sew 2017 – The first few months.

The start of the year saw me continuing my 3-piece suit make well into April. A Simple Sew Zoe dress was made for my wife and featured in Sew Now magazine.

Zoe pattern 1

In February I posted about the Fabric bundles from Interior goods direct and to date have used quite a lot from the stash. March was all about an asymmetric shirt (from the fabric bundle I just mentioned).


I entered the world of video in April and made 3 video tutorials on the Singer Overlocker. I admit I had never felt the urge to make videos before as they take so much time to put together but the feedback has been amazing and having had over 100k views I am starting to change my mind.

June was all about the run-up to the Great British Sewing Bee live event being held in London in September. I made another short video in August about sewing a perfect collar point. Also in August we moved house in preparation for a new sewing space. If you have ever moved house you will know how time consuming it can be. Our move was just that and sewing came to a stop during the period.

Preparation for the Great British Sewing Bee Live took time as I got resources ready for the big event. You can read about it here.


Sew 2017 Towards the end of the year

I did make a long jacket in October from fabric I got at the GBSB Live. It is one I am really proud of to be honest. I never wrote a blog but here are some photos.


Also in October I took part in Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas which was shown on Channel 4 in December. It was a great fun day and if you have not yet seen it you can watch on catchup.

November saw the start of the conversion of my outbuilding into a new sewing studio. (More on that below).

Finally December was taken up with making Christmas presents for the family including a shirt for my Brother-in-law.

All in all a productive and busy year.

Sew 2018

Well tomorrow will be 2018 and the start of a new sewing year. I’m not going to make any resolutions but here are a  few things to look out for:

  • More tailoring
  • More video tutorials/teaching tailoring techniques
  • Take time out to finish my book!
  • Finish some of my pattern range
  • I will try to blog more (promise)
  • A new Sewing Studio…….

Well actually the last one has happened! I am so excited that the new Sewing Studio is finished and here is a sneak peek for you.

Looking through the Studio
The cutting table


Sewing bench


Pressing station

Well there we are, goodbye 2017 and hello 2018. A big thanks to you all who read and support me along the way. Let me finish by wishing you all a Happy New Year and a fantastic 2018.


Until next time……..Happy Sewing!

2 thoughts on “Sew long 2017 – Welcome 2018”

  1. Your new sewing studio looks nice. Looks like you need more storage, a trip to IKEA? Maybe this year you will be able to take on more private clients this year with your new sewing studio. I am waiting for the day you purchase yourself an industrial sewing machine. My sewing studio is in the basement, a lot of room to move around, tv, radio, internet entertainment to keep me company while i am repairing/altering ready to wear clothing and do the mountain of sewing for the house. I was glad this year that you posted update pics on Instagram, which made easy to catch up on your sewing activities. Looking forward to seeing more blog updates on all your projects …. all the best to you and your family for 2018.

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